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Anson Krekeler is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays an original blend of folk, funk and blues to tell stories that somehow sound both new and familiar. He plays energetic shows and uses an acoustic guitar and a refreshingly unique approach to the harmonica to lay the framework for his bluesy baritone voice. 


 Anson has traveled much of the US as a solo artist playing shows at music venues, wineries, bars, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, street corners and subway tunnels. He now resides in Southern Californa, where he and his wife Taryn run an outdoor venue called Rock & Tree. His first two albums, “Orange Coastline” (2011)  and “Lifeboats” (2015) were both self released, and there are rumors of a third album in the works.


Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, he has played and recorded with several bands over the years, most notably The Peanut Butter Solution, Dark Water Rebellion, The Speakeasies, and Jack Morris. His style varies from heartfelt acoustic folk and blues to old fashioned funk and 50’s rock, with musical influences spanning the last century. 


He is currently booking and performing shows as a solo artist in Southern California while running Rock & Tree and organizing an annual music festival. 


You can check out the Instagram at @ansonkrekeler and @rockandtreeperris



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